Engineering students can earn up to $10,000 in funding

Studying engineering is hard enough, you don’t have to worry about funding

Engineering students have plenty of chances to get funding for their degree, as scholarship opportunities abound

Are you looking to pursue engineering during you offline or online college program? Congratulations! But after the excitement of choosing a career path wanes off, you’ll probably be left wondering and worrying about how you will end up paying for your traditional or online degree.

Don’t despair, there are plenty of ways to pay for your offline or online college program and some of them don’t involve taking out a loan and engulfing yourself in debt for the next years of your adult life.

You see engineers are in pretty high-demand right now which translates into one very important thing – more scholarships for student engineers are also available. So if you too have enrolled with a traditional or online degree to study this field, let us tell you have a better chance than the average student at securing funding.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading below to find out more about scholarships that can help you pay for your engineering studies without having to take out a loan.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has a vast scholarship program meant to support engineering students pursuing a degree. A preference for students preparing for the HVAC&R professions is given here.

The Society offers plenty of scholarship programs which could earn you between $3,000 and $10,000 if your application proves to be a successful.

The annual application deadline for all funding opportunities is December 1.

Note that you have to be pursuing a Bachelor of Science or Engineering at the moment of your application. Only applicants with a GPA of at least 3.0 will be considered.

There are two scholarships worth $10,000. The first one is the Willis H. Carrier – a grant dedicated to the Carrier Corporation’s founder who is widely known for his efforts to establish air conditioning as an industry. The other one is the Reuben Trane Scholarship which is actually a grant awarded over two consecutive years. So awardees will be granted $5,000 each year.

Other $5,000 and $3,000 scholarships are awarded over the course of one year. You can find the full list of grants and scholarships below:–conferences/student-zone/scholarships-and-grants/undergraduate-engineering-scholarships

Now if you scanned this scholarship list and decided it’s not for you, you should know there are other ways to find grants for engineering students.

You should talk to your target college about the available opportunities or check with check with civic/church or community-based organizations.

It’s important to note that you need to cast your web wide. Just performing a quick search online won’t do, nor limiting yourself to talking only the scholarship office at your university of choice.

Don’t be afraid to ask anyone you come across, if they aware of any scholarship opportunities that might be available for engineering students. You should get to know your high school guidance counselor if you are still in high school or the financial aid officer at your college. You can think it as a job search, as you’ll also be required to apply to every opportunity you find suitable.

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  1. I’m Angolan My name is Flávio Manuel João Quiculo, need of scholarships in Engineering of telecommunications or electric.

  2. Iam Mai John Mawich of south Sudan… surely i`m in need of engineering scholarship, but can`t access to it due to the followings:
    1- luck of good university in Sudan
    2- luck of acholarship, and
    3- luck of financial support
    i could be delightful if u over view my request.

  3. my name is abrha and i am from ethiopia, i have Bsc degree in electrical and computer engineering, and i needs for master program, i needs to give me this opportunity

  4. Iam a Ugandan aged 20. I am really in of an engineering scholarship .please I need your help

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  6. I am from somalia and a I want to learn engineering so please help me I am telling you the reality there is no one behind me so please and please make my future bright.

  7. Hi I\’m Jackielyn and I was planning to take engineering in my college. But sad to say, I can\’t pursue taking that course because my parents can\’t support the expenses. If given a chance to be choosen as one of the qualifiers of this scholarship program, you will not regret it.

  8. Iam Kyogerera Dianah,requesting for scholarship in highway engineering and materials.I will be grateful if given the blessed.kind regards

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  12. am Fischer,am 21yrs.i have a dream of being a great engineer xo am honestly requesting for your help pls assist me in getting this parents can\’t afford it but I believe God would help me through you guys.pls think about me,I kindly waiting for ur ansuer..

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