Can you write persuasively? Then apply for this $3,000 grant

Students who like writing news have a shot at getting funding for school

Students who are looking to become news editors can apply with the American Copy Editing Society to get this grant for college

Are you currently enrolled with a traditional or online degree and are looking for student grants to pay for your studies? If that’s the case and you’re also in the field of editing, then we have a very interesting proposition for you.

While offline online degree programs in editing aren’t exactly common, there are student grants available designed to offer support for individuals looking to pursue this career. And if so far you had a rough time finding one specifically targeted for students of this discipline then you have come to the right place.

You see, in what follows we are going to share with you, one such opportunity which you should definitely not skip over. The American Copy Editor’s Society is looking to award a few scholarships to college juniors, seniors or graduate students with an interest in copy editing.

The ACES Education Fund will award a $3,000 scholarship, in addition to the $2,500 Aubesin scholarship. Four smaller $1,500 grants will also be offered.

But to apply for this grant, you will have to spend some time gathering and writing up an application worthy of impressing the judges. Be warned, that this is not an application you can finish in a few hours. It requires lots of work and dedication, so if you don’t have the time available we recommend you skip it and look for something simpler to take up.

Anyway, for those who love copy editing work and really want to apply for this grant here’s what you need to do. First off you need to write an original essay of 500 words or fewer on how you fine-tuned your ear as editor starting from a quote by Bill Walsh “a finely tuned ear is at least as important as formal grammar.”

Once you’re done with that, go ahead and choose a news piece. Edit the first paragraph of the news article by re-writing it in order to make it clear and more reader-engaging (in your view) without skipping on any of the important details.

But wait there’s more, the scholarship program also has you write a headline using no more than eight words for three pieces of news. Get your creativity juices flowing, if you want to get noticed!

Aside from tackling the creative aspect, applicants need to submit their resume which has to put an emphasis on academic achievement and exemplary work in edition. It would be wise to include proof of achievements, activities and interests.

Last but not least (finally, right?) you have to include a total of three letters of references (from instructors or work supervisors) with your application.

We realize it’s a lot of documentation, not to mention the time you’ll spend writing, but as student of copy editing you can consider this application as practical work. You have until November 15, 2017 to apply for this grant and that’s two months away.

So we suggest that you start working on your application now, if you want to make the deadline.

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  1. Am Nakubulwa Margaret aged 21years and am Ugandan doing social work at Nsamizi institute of social development year two in Uganda and am looking for a sponsor to support me and complete my second year. I will be happy if my request is put in to consideration.

  2. Pls can a Nigerian study law outside the country and come back to practice it here and also scholarships to apply for to study law overseas

  3. I am a kenyan guy 22yrs old currently in university of Eldoret pursuing criminology & security studies i humble ask for scholarship to help me finish my course nicely. please consider my request positively.Thanks.

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