Chameleon John offers a $2,000 scholarship to students in need

Even students with low GPAs can be awarded financial aid for college

Struggling to find a scholarship with more loose eligibility requirements? Maybe you want to take a look at the one offered by coupon website, Chameleon John

If your dream has always been to enroll with an offline or online college degree, then you must have been thrilled as you received your letter (or email) of acceptance. Once the satisfaction of knowing you are now a student of an associate degree online / offline or a full bachelor degree program wears off, you’ll be confronted with other dilemmas.

The most important one – how will you be able to pay for college? While enrolling with an online college degree might have its benefits like lower fees, some people just don’t see themselves as stay-at-home students. An associate degree online might be the answer for a person who is also committed to keep a job, but if you want the full college experience then you probably want to be part of a traditional university. And traditional university programs are very expensive.

Which is why you need to think about applying to scholarships. This is all swell, if you’re a student who is in good academic standing, but what if your GPA is not so great. A low GPA sure does make it more difficult to get a scholarship, but by no means does it make it impossible.

All it takes is to be organized and thoughtful about how you spend your application time. If you used to get low grades in high school because you slacked off when it came to home assignments, then try to make it so that you don’t slack off when it comes to applying for scholarships.

And yes, there are scholarship opportunities for students who don’t have the highest GPA. These grants focus on providing a fair chance to anyone looking to better themselves through education.

Below you’ll find an example of such a scholarship.

ChameleonJohn – a website dedicated to bringing the best coupons, promo codes and online deals – is also looking to offer financial support to students who find themselves in financial need and so, are unable to pay for their college education.

Applications for the $2,000 scholarship offered by ChameleonJohn are to be filed online. In order to apply, you must be a student in financial need who is looking to enroll to university (or has already been accepted).

The application form also includes three questions you need to answer:

  1. What are your goals in life? How will these studies contribute to them?
  2. How will this scholarship change your life?
  3. What quote by a famous person represents your attitude towards life and success? Why?

That’s all you have to do to become eligible to receive the money offered by ChameleonJohn. Don’t forget you have until December 15, 2017 to apply for this scholarship.

As you can see, there are no strict GPA requirements to take into consideration and ChameleonJohn does not request you submit school transcripts, letters of recommendations or anything like that. Which is why you should really take this chance to apply for this grant. You have a few months left to do so, so don’t waste this time. Start thinking about your answers to the questions above.

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  1. I am Abshir Shekeye I am a student
    I first thank you for your humanity efforts and me myself need your efforts and helps so may you give some about these scholarships
    Thank you very much

  2. I am a student and would greatly appreciate your help with my last year of college. Please assist me. Thank you.

  3. i am augastus makau in kenya i will appriciate so much if i will be one the student you are going to help, i am ineed of college fee and this my last year in kenya water institute

  4. I am MANSARE DAGBA I am a student
    I first thank you for your humanity efforts and me myself need your efforts and helps so may you give some about these scholarships
    Thank you very much

  5. I will be so greatful if have help me in my study this is my second last year in Accounting
    Am in Uganda

  6. Im from Philippines , I want to pursue my dream to be a chef , the first step i need is to enroll for basic cooking program but im not lucky enough financially , im hoping that ur able to read this message i really need of your sponsorship thank you.

  7. This will be great opportunity for me If I get this opportunity, for my college next year in Australia. this can really help me to have a better future.

  8. I Simon Sakeus studying at Namibia Institute Of Mining and Technology (NIMT) for the second year I am in need of financial to complete my course. Thanks for help.

  9. Dear Sir,

    I am seerat Ahmad Master degree holder in the field of agriculture extension i want to do my PHD also in my related field than i requested to your honour plz grant as for this scholarship

    Best Regards,

  10. I am Ahmad Baba from Nigeria, Studied B.Sc microbiology. Please I need your assistance with a scholarship to further my education (masters). Thank you

  11. Am Oscar Ezema, a student. Please sir am in need of your help to study Civil Engineering. It will be of great pleasure to obtain your assistance. Am from Nigeria.

  12. Im ZVINAKE GODFREY from Zimbabwe and l wish to pursue a Doctorate degree specialising in educational Psychology.l did my Master\’s degree in the same field.It is my wish to be a complet psychologist and assist the Zimbabwe

  13. Dear prospective sponsors please help us with sponsorship or donations for childrensaved them in abusive or harmful world, PLEASE HELP THANKS AGAIN.

  14. Gooday sir/ma pls am in Nigeria am tired am looking for scholarship in other country\’s applying for no way, pls help me sir. Thanks God bless you.

  15. i\’m a student in brazzaville\’s university and it will be better for me to be chosen by you for this help becauqe my parents don\’t afford to sustain my studies

  16. Hi iam from Iraq and I have master degree at social work, I would like to study PhD, iam looking for funding to achieve my dream.

  17. hi.
    this scholarship will help me because i am at home.,no money to continue my studies.i want to start master in economics i want to be a big manager in a society…

  18. Hello.. I\’m Christopher Battis. I\’m in need of the scholarship to study Performing Arts in China. Thank you.

  19. Am a student. Please sir am in need of your help to study computer science. It will be of great pleasure to obtain your assistance. Am from Nigerian.

  20. Am Nsimbi Geofrey from Uganda, Diploma holder in Meteorology. Please i need any sort of assistance so that i can continue with further studies. Hoping for the best, thank you!

  21. i would like you go help me achieve my dream of becoming a doctor with ascholarship currently am taking bachelor of popualation health at a kenyan university

  22. I am residing at Kenya,I successfully passed my high school . I need scholarship to facilitate and. further my education as am postgraduate undertaking medicine and surgery
    Am looking forward to your faithful reply

  23. I really need this opportunity to further my education and after this I will open the door for others to benefit from me.

  24. Scholarship is the only 1 oppirtunity to continue studying in Mastre\’s please give this opportunity to me and participate in my dreams

  25. I need my dream to become true I believe I can get this opportunity to study in China s big country. I kindly request for your help

  26. need this help. thanks very much if u consider it worthy for me. thanks also for helping others. God bless you

  27. thank you for this scholarship ,if you may offer for me this opportunity then i will be able to achieve my career and dreams of my future

  28. My name is nashiry from tanzania i would like being one of the students acquiring the offer.I appreciate your humanity! Thank you

  29. Annastellah from Tanzania looking for a scholarship. Please help me to fullfil my dreams of becoming a pharmacist. Looking forward for a positive consideration

  30. My name is Rev. Richard, i have just completed my Bachelor of Theology program and had second class with GPA 3.06 meanwhile awaiting some six more subjects. However, i had wanted to apply for offline. Would i please!!!, be assisted in this case?
    I would be very grateful.
    Best Regard

  31. Sir, am grateful to have this golden opportunity to salute you for your strong philantropic efforts. Am a police officer in the Uganda Police Force and an advocate in the Uganda Bar. My dream and determination is career advancement because of my humble background and beginning.I dropped from my Masters program in Institutional Management and Leadership at the Uganda Management Institute for lack of funds. I appeal to you for help, sir. My vision is to contribute to the better the management and leadership of our police force which is under serious scrutiny and criticisms both from within and without because of human rights violations and poor leadership.
    Yours faithfully,

  32. Am douglas I would like to pursue a diploma in nursing but this had brought me into confusion since am from humble background there are no fund to enble me to continue with my studies. I would be very glady if you grant me the support. May God bless you as you keep me into consideration.
    Yours faithfully,

  33. Am douglas, I just completed high school and I would like to pursue a diploma in nursing. My family can not afford to pay school fees since is a humble background therefore I ask support from you to make continue with my study. I would be very glad if you grant me the support. May God bless you as you keep my request into consideration.
    Yours faithful.

  34. I\’m from Zambia I really want a scholarship to study bachelors in medicine in UK even other contry. how can you help me.

  35. I\’m from Zambia I really want a scholarship to study bachelors in medicine in UK even other country. how can you help me.

  36. My name is mighereko Joseph from Uganda and I really appreciate your service towards Uganda as a poor nation as well as the whole world at once.
    Therefore I also request you to extend your service towards me. Thank you very much

  37. Hello my name is molla kassa from Ethiopia and i want to study international economics and buisness study.please send ur hand to me to join this sponsership. Thank u

  38. Hello im Tatenda from Zimbabwe i have successfully finished my bachelors degree in psychology but due to financial constraints im not able to proceed to masters level may you help with the sponsorship.

  39. Hello I am from Cameroon🇨🇲 and I will be very happy if you grant me this opportunity I\’m currently a first year student studying medical laboratory sciences at saint Jude nursing school

  40. I am very glad to received this scholarship information. I hope to be successful for this scholarship opportunity.

  41. Hello my name is Jacob Makuei from South Sudan, I wanna do telecommunications engineering am really happy to receive this scholarship information, I hope you will really help me..

  42. Boa tarde Evaristo grosso e o meu nome gostaria de fazer o curso de Engenharia de Mecânica nao consigo fazer no meu pais por situação financeira agora essa oportunidade apareceu e espero que me aceitam para estudar no vosso pais

  43. Wish i could have masteral degree scholarship related in education or agriculture.hope to find it here in unexpired time for application.

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