This $2,500 scholarship will help Psychiatry students pay for Med school

Students looking to specialize in Psychiatry can apply for this grant

Paying for medical school is not an easy task, but these grants can help you forget about the financial aspect and will let you focus on the studying

The field of medical studies has undergone various stages of development. If you too are student of medical traditional or online colleges, then you are probably well aware that the domain has become so vast, specializations within these areas are increasing every day. So there’s a wide scope in the field of medicine for a bright future career.

But it’s well known medical degrees are the most expensive around. So as a student of offline or online colleges you will need to be prepared to invest a lot of funds if you’re looking to become a doctor or a nurse. Or you could start looking for grants for school.

If you have decided your major, you can already begin your search. Let’s say you’re looking to study Psychiatry. This is an ever expanding filed, which grows richer as we learn new attributes about the human mind and different was of treating mental illness – so there’s no surprise that many scholarships for students looking to become specialists in this field are currently available.

Most commonly, organizations offer research grants for school to allow students to gain hands-on learning, including interacting with real life patients.

If you too are a Psychiatry student and in need of funding – either to sponsor your studies or just to pay for a practical training or research program, here’s a scholarship just for you.

The Rock Sleyster Memorial Scholarship is offered through the American Medical Association. The grant is handed out to students who are entering the final year in medical school and planning to specialize in the field of Psychiatry. Winners will be awarded a scholarship worth $2,500 if they can prove their interest in the field of Psychiatry. On top of that, students also need to show good academic standing, as well as be in financial need at the moment of applying.

In order to be considered for the grant, students need to submit the application for, three letters of support – one issued by the Office of Dean, one in which the applicant outlines his or her careers goals in Psychiatry, as well as a letter of support from a member of the medical school’s Department of Psychiatry. Last but not least, a AMA Foundation Student Financial Statement completed by the school’s financial aid office and medical school transcript need to be included as well.

Universities across the United States also have an interested in providing scholarships for Psychiatry students. For example, the University of Florida awards professional fellowships for women of color who are entering their third of fourth year in medical school that can amount to $12,000.

The University also has the Haufler Psychiatry Fund which offers sponsorships to medical students who have demonstrate excellence in planning a future career in Psychiatry.

Given that Psychiatry is a specialization, students can pick in their final years at medical school, these grants are available only for students entering their third or fourth year. If you too fit the criteria, then you are invited to apply.

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